Course 'Hart voor Borstvoeding' (Heart for Breastfeeding)

This course is a good preparation for breastfeeding.

We’re going to talk about:

- Unique composition of mother milk

- Benefits for the baby and the mother

- The milk production

- The role of the father.

- How I put the baby to the breast

- Pumping

- Problems and solutions

The dates for 2018 are:

Wednesday evening 31 January

Wednesday evening 14 March

Wednesday evening 23 May

Wednesday evening 22 August

Wednesday evening 17 Oktober

The evening begins at 7 pm till about 9.30 pm.

The cost of the course are € 20,00 and is given in a group of up to 8 people.

At the end of the evening will get a summery to take home.

For information and registration, you can contact me.

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